4. Useful neighbors? Exploring localization externalities in creative clusters.
Annet Jantien Smit & Veronique Schutjens
Currently in the peer review process of the Journal of Economic Geography (revise and resubmit).

3. PhD thesis: Spatial Quality of Cultural Production Districts
Annet Jantien Smit
Please see here for downloads of my PhD thesis, summaries and the press release.

2. The Influence of District Visual Quality on Location Decisions of Creative Entrepreneurs.
Annet Jantien Smit
The Journal of the American Planning Association, Spring 2011, 77(2), 167-184.
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This article was selected as a Key Article of the Journal of the American Planning Association in 2010 and 2011. Please see JAPA resources

1. Applying Research Results in Planning Practice: Urban live-work environments for cultural industries.
Annet Jantien Smit
Conference Proceedings. Paper presented at the International Conference “Urban conditions and Life Chances”, University of Amsterdam, July 6-8, Amsterdam.
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