Denkbeeld has ample experience with empirical research by interviewing entrepreneurs in various economic sectors.
Denkbeeld accomplished research projects commissioned by the Municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hilversum, and Groningen and the Ministry of Spatial Planning . We also received research grants from NWO (the Dutch National Science Foundation), NICIS (Netherlands Institute for City Innovation Studies), and 2 American angel investors. We may carry out new research to answer your specific question.
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Selection from Portfolio: Research

2012 – 2013
“People, place and performance in the app industry”
Visiting the Boston area for an independent research project. Collaboration with researchers in the Center for Advanced Urbanism at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts; and with Sasaki Architects, Boston.

Research project: “From work styles to work milieus”
Commisioned by the Municipalities of Groningen and Hilversum.

” From work styles to work milieus
The relationship between work styles and location factors of entrepreneurs in the construction, manufacturing and whole sale industries on industrial estates.”

Research and educational project: “Spatial quality of creative workmilieus”
In collaboration with the Honours-programme of the University of Utrecht, Faculty of Geosciences.

“Locatiefactoren in creatieve clusters” – with Veronique Schutjens.

Research project: “Spatial quality of industrial estates in need of transformation”
For the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Innovation Programme Beautiful Netherlands:

“”Spatial quality of industrial estates in need of transformation”


Onderzoeksproject: “Spatial quality of creative work milieus”
Netherlands Institute of City Innovation Studies:

“Function follows form
– Spatial quality of creative work milieus ”