Denkbeeld is a research and consultancy company with a unique expertise at the intersection of economic geography and urban planning.

Denkbeeld has accomplished commissioned research, for example by companies, municipalities and ministries. We also embark on research projects on our own initiative.

Denkbeeld works with teams. The projects are lead by Annet Jantien Smit, MSc Arch PhD. She has written her PhD thesis in the field of Spatial Sciences and Economic Geography, entitled “Spatial Quality of Cultural Production Districts.”
Please find here PDFs of the entire PhD thesis, the press release, summaries and propositions.

Please find here a short snapshot (90 seconds film) on the results and take-away for planning practice in light of the current real estate crisis.

This PhD thesis has attracted quite some attention in Dutch national newspapers and professional journals. Please find here these newspaper and journal articles in the Parool and Trouw, and Geografie.